Your local I.T. support specialists

Focused to meet the needs of the business user


We appreciate the many conflicting pressures on small and medium sized businesses and in response to that we are able to offer all our services outside of normal office hours, at no extra cost, to minimise disruption to your operations.


By offering training at your premises, using your own equipment and software, we can deliver to you and your staff, a direct learning experience on the systems that you have selected to support your business.

The tuition is based on explaining the jargon, giving hands-on experience at a pace directed by you; and can cover the use of software, email, and the internet.


In addition to tuition in using the "web", we will be pleased to develop with you your own company web-site, help you maximise the business benefits of the "web" and ensure that your site remains well maintained and attractive.

Other services

We are happy to work with you to meet any other I.T. needs you may have, for example database developent, digital photography of your products.

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