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Focused to meet the needs of the home user



There are several advantages to receiving training in your own home. Not only is it convenient to you in time and location but it will provide direct training on your own computer, using the versions of the software that you have installed.

We are able to give you and members of your family tuition in how to understand what your computer can do, through to training in the use of the software packages installed. We also help you get to grips with the internet and to decide how much further you want to progress e.g. using digital photograpghy or investing in a new system.

Our methods explain the jargon, give you hands-on experience at a pace to suit you, and is backed by on-going support should you need it.

The Internet

By taking the mystery out of the internet we can assist you to create your own web-site for your family, hobby or club; or can provide you with a site made to your specifications. We can help you understand what makes a good site and how to maintain it, or provide that service for you.

Other services

We can provide a range of other services such as digital photography, if you don't want the expense of buying your own camera, provide advice and guidance on buying a new personal computer, troubleshooting problems with hardware (computer, printer, etc.) or software (the programs that you operate - eg Microsoft Word)

We are also very happy to discuss any particular needs that you may have that are not already mentioned.

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